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Mid-America Ultraviolet is an ultraviolet technology specialty company, specializing in wastewater and water UV applications.      We are experienced in the supply, maintenance, and operation of units of all manufacturers, and  have replacement lamps and sleeves for most ultraviolet equipment brands.

We are specialists in providing replacement parts, spare components, and consumables for UV units as manufactured by various manufacturers including their current designs, as well as, obsolete designs.  All components are selected or designed to be direct replacements with the highest quality and exacting specification for trouble free installation and operation.

We Want  to make it simple and easy for our customers to use and maintain.

Due to tightened biological control standards and increased health concerns by the public there is a very strong move away from traditional chemical disinfection methods.  UV disinfection technology has emerged as the environmentally friendly choice for the future. 

The "Other Guy" Companies

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Fisher Porter



 UV Max and UV Max Pro Series

Wedeco - Aquada


Replacement UV lamps, quartz sleeves & parts  

 IDI Trojan Wedeco Fisher Porter UDC RCan Trojan Advantage UV Max UV Max Pro Series Wedeco – Aquada and others

New UV Systems

Rebuilds and upgrades.

Often  with up to 50% savings over new.